A Husky Tries to Use Passive Resistance in Order to Avoid Going to the Kennel


Not too many dogs actually enjoy going to the kennel, but not all of them try to resist it as persistently and humorously as the dog in this video. As soon as he hears the word ‘kennel’ he immediately starts whimpering and letting his body go slack so he is difficult to move out the door. His owners keep trying to coax him outside, but that just causes him to resist even more, making the experience into a chore for them.

A lot of the husky’s whimpering almost sounds like he’s saying the word ‘no’ over and over again. Even though he isn’t, it still manages to sound funny in a dissonant sort of way. This video makes use of adding subtitles to the husky’s whimpers, thus increasing the illusion and the humor. People on Facebook would laugh at this video, and many of the dog owners would find it highly familiar.

John Ventresco