Incredibly Lucky Motorist Skirts Death When in a Collision With a Car


Sometimes luck is just on your side. This distressing video clip of a motorcyclist getting smashed by a car would have resulted in death 99 percent of the time, but somehow, the motorcyclist managed to escape from the awful incident alive.

Footage from CCTV news, a Chinese television channel, showed a motorcyclist who had veered from the right lane as he lost control of his motorbike. He then fell straight into the windscreen of an oncoming vehicle which was travelling speedily in the opposite direction.

Despite the smashed up helmet and the seemingly lifeless look of the motorcyclist in the aftermath of the incident, he recovered. A stunned onlooker did not know what you think. The accident took place in forests located in Wuhi, part of the Anhui province, in what appeared to be dangerous conditions. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.