This Inquisitive Gorilla Can’t Get Enough of Viewing Cell Phone Pictures of Gorillas!

They say the ape species is more like man than any other on the planet. This video shows just how intelligent and curious these animals are. As a young man sits down with his cell phone, he begins to share the images and video of his phone through the glass that separates him and the gorilla. The video shows how the crowd grows delighted as the gorilla responds and seems to be asking for more and more pictures to be shown to him.

Just as a human would cuddle up next to a friend and look through a cell phone together, so does this gorilla lean in next to the human. Though the glass panel separates them, one can tell the gorilla is enthralled with what he is seeing on the cell phone. This video shows just how intelligent gorillas are. Watch this engaging video that showcases a moment shared between a young man and a gorilla at the zoo.

Paul Ross

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