Inspirational Short Film Depicting Hope In Education

Some people would give up everything for the sake of their family. Some will work hard just to make sure their families have the best in life. Well this video, based on a true story, shows you exactly how a young lady sacrificed a lot for her family.

This is a video about Siew Fang, a girl who had big dreams but the responsibilities she has towards her family pulls her down. Although she has her shortcomings, she doesn’t let them interfere with her studies. After the exams, her father asks her about the results and her answer upsets him.

Her father yells at her before her siblings and forbids them from being a failure like their older sister. They go for days without talking but when the father goes to Fang’s study table, he notices that she had passed her exams and feels bad about what he had done before. He apologizes to Fang and they embrace. This inspirational short film is good enough to be shared on Facebook


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