The Inspiring Story of Willow the Mastiff Puppy


For one tiny mastiff puppy named Willow, life was not kind from the beginning. Born with swimmer-puppy syndrome, meaning her limbs were born splayed out to the side, she was unable to walk or even drag herself along the ground to reach a food bowl. Her breeder did not want the burden so he threw her out in trash and posted it to social media. She would have died if not for the rescuers at 2nd Chances Rescue, who rushed to save her. Gina Gould, a certified Acuscope Therapist, immediately began Willow on acuscope treatments. These treatments help to stimulate the spinal cord and within a few days, Willow took her first tentative steps. Within a few months she was running and even swimming! Now she is happy, healthy and developing like any other puppy.

This beautiful, self-assured dog is a lesson to never give up hope for you never know what tomorrow may bring.
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