An Interview With A Homeless Man Who Put Himself in a Bad Situation To Give His Kid a Better Life


Parents make all sorts of sacrifices for their children. In this episode of the GoBeKind Tour, a homeless father is interviewed. He describes how he got into this situation in the first place. He came to Denver, Colorado seeking a better life for his child. Unfortunately, the housing arrangement that was supposed to put both of them in a better place in more ways than one did not work out, and it left both of them homeless.

Through it all, he still manages to stand tall and dignified, taking the challenges of life as they appear. The host of the show listens to him, and then rewards him with one thousand dollars. The father is so overjoyed that he actually hugs the host of the show.

This video manages to do a good job of showing random acts of kindness in many ways. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook.

Leon Logothetis