Investigation Reveals You May Be Ordering Lamb And Getting A Cheaper Meat At Restaurants


If you have ever eaten lamb, you know how truly rich and decadent it tastes! In this video, Inside Edition is performing an investigation so they can determine if restaurants in Los Angeles and New York City are actually serving what they claim to. As you will find out, they tested over thirty restaurant’s lamb dishes and found around 23% of them were serving goat, chicken, or beef instead of lamb!

Can you imagine going to a restaurant and ordering lamb, only to find out you were served goat? Would it make you angry? As you will see in the video, none of the restaurants admitted to trying to cheat customers but it appears that is exactly what they were doing! These establishments know the other meats are less expensive and they try to fool their customers by making them think they are getting lamb. This is a video, you have to see to believe! Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.