Iraq War Veteran Plows Snow In a Brand New Way


Winter time in the Northern states can bring a lot of hassles and inconvenience because of the large amount of snow that they get. Plowing snow is definitely not an easy job. Of course, there are fun things that you can do with snow but plowing isn’t one of them. Just imagine being outside in a freezing temperature and plowing snow. Being cold while doing a backbreaking task is sure not fun. But for one Nebraska man plowing snow is something he takes delight on.
Justin Anderson, an Iraq War Veteran, has found a new way to plow snow. He didn’t let his disability stop him from going out and plow snow. Armed with his modified wheelchair, he plows snow for two hours every day at their neighborhood in Bellevue, Nebraska. Anderson does this in order to help his neighbors and to prevent any accidents from happening. I applaud him for doing such a good deed for his community. May this clip encourage others to make plowing snow fun in their own way.

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