Irish Folk Dancers Flash Mob At Airport


The Aer Lingus Regional and the London Southend Airport celebrated their new service line from London to Dublin with this delightful dance display. With the help of forty dancers, Perception media and the McGahan Lees Dance Academy, the new service was introduced to unsuspecting travelers with this excellent performance.

They never expected the crowd to gather and perform a Traditional Irish Folk Dance, their fantastic footwork was a treat for everyone. The flash mob started with one amazing dancer and grew to about 40 amazing dancers. As the dance group increased so did the performance, the crowd grew more excited with each additional dancer.

Their skill, timing, enthusiasm and flawless performance entertained the crowd and marked the special occasion. The crowd was enjoying the moment as were the dancers, everyone took great joy in the surprise performance. Tradition took center stage and new connections were made.

Irish Folk Dancing is a highly respected and competitive activity. After you watch this video share it on Facebook and with family and friends.