Irish Stepdance – Riverdance 2009


How do you want to exercise? Many of us do not want to hit the gym because well, it is so boring. What if there is an easier way out, that is more fun and rewarding?

Irish Stepdance, often characterized by quick feet movements and a stiff upper body was first originated in Ireland. It is a form of dance that reflects the Irish culture and history.

Watch this video to experience a traditional Irish Stepdance that was performed in Riverdance 2009. It features solo dance and group dance, the two categories of Irish Stepdance and shows the amount the effort that is needed to successfully carry out the performance. The speed and precision of the feet movements and the synchronism of the whole group, the most important thing in an Irish Stepdance, is perfectly presented. The video shows that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

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