Irishman Takes a GoPro Aound Las Vegas


Las Vegas is renowned for its high-stakes casinos, glamorous hotels and high-profile boxing matches, and when this Irishman took a trip to the Nevada city, he filmed it all with his GoPro camera. However, there was one problem: he wasn’t too sure how to use it.

He was trying to capture the wonderful views of the city, but instead, all the footage was recording him. Hilariously, we were getting great explanations of what was happening in the city, but we didn’t get to see any of them.

He carried the GoPro, which was attached to a stick, around the city with the hope of recording some fantastic holiday moments, but ultimately, he ended up with footage that was more appropriate for a comedy show than a travel guide.

The man evidently had no idea how to use technology, but he still looked as if he had a great time touring around Las Vegas.Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

Evan Griffin