Adorable Pup Is Fast Asleep, But Then His Favorite Childhood Song Comes On


Do you ever hear your favorite song on the radio and just have to sing along? Regardless of your initial mood, you usually feel perky, wide awake, and gleeful the moment you realize what song is unexpectedly playing. These moments may be simple, but we sometimes need them more than we realize whether we had a bad day at work or recently went through a messy breakup.

It’s not just humans, however, who recognize good music when they hear it. Animals too have proven to have a musical interest, intelligence, and involvement. For instance, a cat might purr to a certain song, and a bird might “dance” to upbeat music. Music is in all species’ blood, it seems!

Rev the dog is one critter who has a passion for music like us. In a video of Rev that has earned over 5,700,000 views since its post date on May 15, 2013, we witness the realities of that.

Toward the beginning of the video, the black Labrador Retriever is lying flat on the ground snoozing away just as any sleepy canine would do. However, the second the pup’s owner clicks the “Play” button on Rev’s favorite song, “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele, and the city sounds of the beginning of the song’s music video pump through the speakers, the dog’s head lifts. Once the music starts to play, the Lab swiftly walks over to the source of the music: his owner Wes’ laptop.

It looks like we are not the only ones who get emotional by Adele’s beautiful singing voice and soppy lyrics!

Hear the adorable canine sing to his favorite Adele tune in the video below.

Source: metaspoon