Isabel Proves She Will “See You Again” With Her Flawless Blind Audition For The Voice Kids

If you have never had the pleasure of hearing “See You Again” by Whiz Khalifa, you are missing out on a treat. This song has become a solemn anthem for those who have lost loved ones and friends. In this song, a person is speaking to a friend that has died, telling them about their day. In this video, Isabel is performing her beautiful rendition of the song for her blind audition on The Voice Kids. When she opens her mouth to sing, the judges and the audience seem to almost gasp because of the emotion.


While plenty of people have covered this touching song, Isabel seems to bring it to a new level! The raw emotion and innocence in this young girl offers a solemn reminder to those who are mourning without a friend or loved one. Whether or not you think she deserves to win, you cannot argue she has true talent. Check out this blind audition and then Please SHARE on Facebook.

The Voice Kids

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