James Corden And Kate Hudson Get Schooled By Toddler Dance Instructors


James Corden is famous for his karaoke with celebrities but this video takes on a different passion. This man also loves to dance so he invited his friend Kate Hudson to his toddler-run dance class. This hilarious video features James and Kate trying to keep up with their toddler dance instructors. These toddlers are some tough teachers to impress!

You do not want to miss this video because it is going to have you laughing out loud. It is so funny to see James and Kate trying to keep up with their instructor’s moves. Evidently, James and Kate are being schooled on the proper ways to dance but they just do not quite get it yet. It is funny to see them trying their best to keep up with the dance moves and often failing. This is one adorable video to watch! Enjoy and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook with all you know.