Japan Has a Roller Coaster Bridge That Will Make Your Heart Leap Into Your Throat


When you first begin watching this video, you may think you are seeing a roller coaster ride at some amusement park. Look again! This is actually one of the bridges in Japan and the steep hill you are seeing is not part of a ride but is actually a road drivers must go up and down each day. Can you imagine trying to go over this large incline, much less driving down it?

As you watch the video, you will be given full access to the very large bridge that stretches high into the sky. If you are at all afraid of heights, you may want to look away because this bridge is so high it must give drivers nosebleeds! When people see this crazy bridge, they simply cannot believe their eyes. Finally, you will realize the bridge is actually fairly straight but it looks like it is a roller coaster when you look from a certain angle. If this bridge fooled you, Please SHARE on Facebook!

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