Jeanne Robertson Explains Why Boys Shouldn’t Mess With Hussies


This video is one that will have you laughing your head off! This Southern comedian is the life of the party. Many can relate to her because she tells true stories from her own life and they are quite hilarious. Jeanne Robertson has the gift of gab and the stories she tells will have you busting at the seams! In this video, she is telling a story about her son Beaver and how he snuck out of the house one weekend.

You will find yourself laughing out loud at the antics she tells about! It is hilarious what she and her husband did when they found out their son had skipped out on them. If you love a good story, this is one you are not going to want to miss. This lady is one of the funniest you have ever heard and her stories are a delight to hear! If you have never had the privilege of hearing this witty lady speak, enjoy and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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