Jimmy Fallon Didn’t Know He Was On A Date With Nicole Kidman


Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman share their story about the first time they met and realize they had a very different experience. Jimmy Fallon thought he was meeting Nicole Kidman to get a job, Nicole Kidman thought she was meeting a potential boyfriend. Jimmy Fallon didn’t make a very good first impression and didn’t realize he missed an opportunity to date Nicole Kidman.

This video is awkward, hilarious and makes you wonder what happened to Rick. Most celebrities don’t share personal and embarrassing details about their lives, especially when it comes to dating and relationships. Jimmy Fallon has similar features to Tom Cruise and she was truly interested in him, she used to have a type. Jimmy Fallon offered her video games, chips and crackers and she still couldn’t resist.

Nicole tries to change the subject but Jimmy won’t let her, he tells her he is taken and blew her chance. Please share this video with your friends and family on Facebook.