John Legend Puts Viewers in a Trance…Again


Ever since he stepped up to the music scene, singer John Legend has been able to capture the hearts of millions of individuals around the globe with his music.

This video shows this Grammy Award, Golden Globe, and Academy Award-winning singer singing ‘Amazing Grace’ while playing the piano. Mr. Legend’s playing and vocal skills are of superb quality. One can automatically conclude that if he has won the most important awards that exist in the world is because he has really emerged in learning with passion in order to polish his talents.

This is a recent video of him. He performed this song for ‘Sunday Morning.’ This video has already been watched by countless of individuals. It has received a great number of positive reviews and many ‘likes.’

There is just something about the way John Legend sings that has the ability to put one in a trance of positivity. Watch this video so that you can see it for yourself, and share it with your friends on Facebook.