Josh Turner’s Amazing 98-Year-Old Grandmother Performs “How Great Thou Art”


When you watch this video, you will not be able to believe the woman playing the piano with such expertise and power is a 98-year-old. This amazing woman is Josh Turner’s wife’s grandmother and he has adopted her as his own. When she is blessed with being able to play on the Grand Ole Opry stage, the audience cannot get enough. She does not miss a single note while playing “How Great Thou Art”.

This woman proves there is no age limit on talent. When you possess such a strong talent, it stays with you your whole life! Lois Cunnigham is one talented and spunky grandmother who refuses to sit idly and watch life pass her by. What amazing talent this woman has! Just hearing her play will touch your heart deeply and you may find yourself singing along. If you enjoyed Lois’ performance on the piano, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.