JP Wallace Nails “7 Years” At His Own Graduation Ceremony


This young man is so talented, it will blow you away when you see how powerfully he performs for his graduation ceremony. This young man perfectly nailed “7 Years” by Lukas Graham and the crowd absolutely loved it. You can’t imagine the emotions that must have been going through his mind as he sang for himself and the friends he loves! What an amazing memory this will offer the entire graduating class of 2016! As you watch the video, pay special attention to the lyrics of the song and allow them to take you back to childhood.

This is one of the perfect songs for a graduation ceremony. It will likely bring tears to your eyes as you hear the lyrics and feel the emotion behind each word. This talented young man can clearly go as far as he wants with his talent, as long as he never gives up. Watch this amazing performance and Please SHARE on Facebook.

Christopher Carey