Judges Unimpressed Until Man Plays Song About His Brother


In order to stand out from the crowd and get noticed on shows like the X Factor UK, a performer has to take a chance. Unfortunately, talented 19-year-old singer/songwriter Christian Burrows decided to play it safe, which didn’t win him any favors. Christian’s first attempt at wowing the judges was a huge failure, and panelist Nicole Scherzinger even went so far as to say she didn’t “get” him. Thankfully, Simon was in an unusually chipper mood, and decided to give the young man another shot at fame.

Christian told the judges that he that he actually writes his own songs, and that’s when a very curious Simon asked, “Can we hear one of your songs?” The young man was stunned that Simon was so interested, but he already knew that he was meant to play one very special song that night. With a forlorn look in his eyes, Christian admitted that he had written a song about his brother, who had sadly passed away when he was young. “It’s just a song that means everything to me, and only my mum has ever heard it.”