Luca Wows the Judges of The Voice Kids With His Rendition of “I’m Not the Only One”


When it comes to The Voice Kids, the auditions are just as grueling as the adult counterpart to the show. While every kid that enters the stage dreams of being chosen, many have their hopes dashed. When Luca takes to the stage and begins singing the opening lines of I’m Not the Only One, it is clear to see this young man has extreme talent that goes well beyond his years!

As you watch this video, you will be blown away by his musical stylings and his extreme poise on the stage. This young man is prepared to wow the judges from the moment he opens his mouth. Once the judges and the audience hear him perform, they cannot stay in their seats! You will adore this cutie and his sweet singing voice as he captures the heart of the entire audience. Check out Luca’s beautiful performance and then Please SHARE on Facebook.