Just as a Dog Was About to Be Euthanized, His Paralysis Problem Was Solved!


This will be an alarming video for most pet owners to watch! Ollie is a Collie that was full of life and energy until one day changed everything. Suddenly, he could no longer walk, move, or have normal body processes. When the vet could not figure out what was causing Ollie’s paralysis, his family did the only reasonable thing they could do and decided to put him out of his misery through euthanization. Thankfully, that was not the end for this beautiful dog!

As he was in the room about to be put down, a veterinarian intern noticed a tick lodged right behind Ollie’s ear. In a strange turn of events, it was found the tick was responsible for his temporary paralysis. Ten hours after the tick was removed, Ollie was back to his energetic, healthy self! To warn other pet owners about the dangers of ticks, Please SHARE on Facebook for all your friends and family.

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