K9 War Heroes Are Brought Back Home To Receive The Care They Need


Unfortunately, our K9 war heroes are sometimes left behind because bringing them back to the United States is often difficult and sometimes impossible. AMK9 is an agency that has stepped up to the plate to ensure these war heroes are given the full care they need so they can continue their work here or be given up for adoption. No matter the path they take, these dogs receive the highest level of care.

In this video, 92 contract dogs are brought home from the Middle East. This trip would take 7,000 miles and involve a lot of delayed flights, vet visits, and stops along the way. These beautiful animals went through a lot on their trip, but their care and safety were given top priority. Thankfully, they are now all receiving the full care they need. If you think this video is truly special, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see the work AMK9 does.