Kayakers Capture Humpback Whales Rising Up To Feed In The San Francisco Bay


The kayakers who were filming this video were amazed at what they saw when they were floating along the San Francisco Bay. As the whales rise to the surface of the water, they take in huge gulps of water, filling their bellies with fresh herring, which is in abundance in the bay. As they come to the top of the water, they look so beautiful and it is a true sight to behold.

Although these creatures are insanely huge, they are so majestic and beautiful! They move with such grace as if they are lighter than air. What an amazing sight to see so close to your kayak. This is the kind of experience that only happens once in a lifetime if you are lucky. You will enjoy every minute of this serene video! Make sure to check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy this video.

ABC7 News – SF Bay Area