This Is How You Should Keep Your Memories. There Isn’t A Better Way


Byron Louie is such a guy!

Going by the YouTube handle, TheDunderBoy, this guy came up with a great ideawhen he first brought home a8-week-old dog, Dunder. His cool idea was to take a photo of the cute pup each day and watch him grow big and fat.

They continued doing that with his good wife, Monique, until she got pregnant. Then another journey started. Louie took his camera and shot her!

This video chronicles the great moments all through Monique’s pregnancy and records the changes her beautiful body went through as the months passed. All this time, Louie, Dunder and another smaller dog, Musnter, watch carefully and wait for the anticipated guest with great excitement.

Being an honest man, Byron confesses that while he had his fun chronicling Monique’s period of expectancy by taking her pictures,he soon found out that things were changing in a great way.

Watching this clip, I just couldn’t believe I never thought about something like this. It’s so enjoyable. Watch the cool clip and love it, and by the time it’s over, you’ll be itching to click that SHARE button so your friends on Facebook and family can see it too. Congratulations Louie!