Keep Your Precious Dog Safe From Blue-Green Algae This Summer


Copper was a healthy, happy dog until one fateful day when his life was cut short. The family was swimming in the lake as normal and then decided to play a game of catch with Copper. Unfortunately, this would be his last game ever! This video was made as a warning to prevent other dog’s lives from being lost. Had Copper’s family known the lake contained blue-green algae, they could have saved his life.

If you see green and blue scum on the top of the water, it is important you stay out. Pets and humans can be harmed if they consume this algae. The veterinarian believes Copper ingested the toxic algae while swimming. While his life could not be saved, his family hopes to spread the word so other lives will not be lost. To help pet owners protect their pets, Please SHARE on Facebook right away so everyone can know about this danger.

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