Kelly Clarkson Performs Epic Tribute to Prince With Her “Purple Rain” Cover


When Prince passed away, the world begin to mourn deeply! Many tribute videos have been arising in honor of this late legend. When Kelly Clarkson performed this Purple Rain cover in 2015, she had no clue it would end up becoming an anthem to help remember a fallen rock n’ roll idol! If you are a fan of Prince or Kelly, this video will truly speak to your soul. This raw performance will give you chills and help you think back when you first heard Purple Rain and how it made you feel.

You will adore watching this video as Kelly belts out the song. You can see how deeply she feels the lyrics as she performs one of her idol’s hits. Prince fans have united over videos like this because it allows them to have fond memories of someone they truly hold dear and will likely for the rest of their life. After you enjoy this live performance, Please SHARE on Facebook for other fans to enjoy.