Kid Poops In His Pants While With The Family Dog, Now Look At The Dog’s Reaction… I Can’t Help Laughing!


We parents know that our babies are our lives. The best part that makes them wonderful is when they get curious nearly to everything they come across.

Apart from the curiosity, it’s so exceptional to hear the children laugh. The video below features a child who made the mother laugh. The pet dog teams up with the baby and both make good comedians.

The clip was shot by the mother while they were both relaxing. The dog is on the couch relaxing alongside the baby. Then, the child decides to break the peace of all the present by pooping in his shorts.

More often, children have that habit of eating and pooping. As if that is not enough, they also like what we call sleeping. They can sleep for hours then eat and poop. So when this kid does the unexpected, the family dog that was relaxing immediately changes his facial expression.

When mom sighs as if she is surprised of the kid’s action, the dog also does something indicating that the kid went beyond limit! What a funny reaction from this dog!

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