Kidnapped Four-Year-Old Is Found After A Five State Search

The little girl in this video was kidnapped by a man named, West Wild Hogs. This little girl was discovered thanks to a security guard who saw the two in the parking lot of a hotel. Thankfully, it appears the little girl was not harmed, though she is being thoroughly checked by medical staff. This child kidnapper is in for a rude awakening because he is now in custody and will face trial.

After the search for this little girl had been expanded to five states, she was found in Memphis, Tennessee. Her parents are so grateful to everyone that helped in searching for her and they cannot wait for her kidnapper to be brought to justice! Thanks to the Amber Alert System and proactive citizens, this little girl is home safe and sound with her family, where she belongs. After you have watched this video, do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook so all can hear the good news.

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