Kids Are Impressed and Horrified When an Adult Reaches Into a Spider Hole and Pulls Out Spiders


A bunch of kids and some adults are standing in front of a big, dark hole in this video. They’re scared about the possibility of the spiders getting out, and there is some discussion about how these particular spiders aren’t poisonous. One of the adults reaches into the hole for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. He seems to partly want to reassure the kids and scare them at the same time, and to test his own limits.

He manages to pull out a huge clump that is made entirely of spiders and drops them on the ground. The spiders start scurrying around, heading back towards the hole, and a bunch of other spiders start scurrying in the vicinity of the hole as well.

This is a video that people should please SHARE on Facebook, since it is authentically frightening and creepy without being too triggering for most people, except those with the most severe arachnophobia.


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