If Your Kids Likes You 100% of The Time You May Be Doing Something Wrong!


This video will be considered quite hilarious for most parents who know how their children can be when they do not get their way. If your child has ever been mad at you for any reason, join the parent club and relax. As Kristina Kuzmic says in this video, your job is to be a parent, not to be a friend to your children. While you want to be close to your children, you are there to raise them into responsible adults and not brats. So, if your kids get mad at you from time to time, that means you are a true parent!

You will love watching this comedic video that also teaches you what parenting is all about. While she tells it in a hilarious way, her words will ring true with every parent who has ever faced their child’s pouting and whining because they were told no. If you are a parent or know one, Please SHARE on Facebook!

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