Is Kim Kardashian’s Social Media Presence The Cause Of Her Robbery?


Almost everyone has heard about the scary incident that recently happened while Kim Kardashian was visiting Paris. Armed gunmen broke in her hotel room, tying her up and putting her in the bathtub while they robbed her of her million dollar jewelry. In this video, she is conducting an interview that took place with 60 Minutes before the attack took place.

In this video, Kim says she can handle her social media presence and credits it to her fame. She often flaunts the many jewels she owns and some would wonder if this might be the cause of her kidnapping and robbery. You will have to watch the video to be the judge. Clearly, this incident has shaken the Kardashian family to the core but they are all standing behind Kim and Kanye. What a harrowing event it was and one she will never forget! After watching this video, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.