A Kind Young Grocery Store Worker Helps an Elderly Woman to her Car During a Storm


Many older people have to fend for themselves, regardless of the circumstances. Plenty of young people are not interested in helping them, and they are not going to take time out of their work schedules in order to do so. The young man portrayed in this video is a welcome exception to that rule. During a violent rainstorm, he helped walk an elderly woman to her car, holding an umbrella over her head all the while and making sure she got back to her car safe and sound.

He was willing to take time out of his own workday in order to do this in the first place, and he certainly made the most of it. The fact that this story has been so popular online demonstrates the fact that many people are genuinely impressed by the random acts of kindness that they will still see from other people. This video is a great one to share on Facebook for that reason.