A Kindly Gentleman Adopts an Orphaned Pygmy Goat That Now Won’t Leave Him Alone all Day


When many people think about adopting animals, they will usually imagine themselves adopting dogs or cats. The man in this video adopted a truly adorable pygmy infant goat. The goat is around the same size as a cat, so at present, it doesn’t seem like the move was all that different from adopting other small animals. The new owner was able to help feed the baby goat when his own mother was unable to do so, and now the two of them are inseparable.

The goat follows him everywhere, and seems to have the sort of personality that people would associate with an adorable puppy. Since the goat is only going to grow to the size of a Labrador, and should probably have a comparable lifespan, he almost seems like an honorary dog.

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Benjamin The Goat