People love their pets. People especially love kittens. There is nothing more adorable than a young feline that is starting to discover the meaning of life. In this video, a cute as can be kitten stumbles its way around a house filled with hidden treasures and delights. The mischievous little feline discovers another kitten that looks very familiar. Surprise, its the kittens own reflection.

It will warm your heart as you watch the adventurous kitten discover a brand new cuddly friend. A smile will simply spread across your face as you watch the kitten discover that he is being followed by his own tail. Watch as the spunky little feline tries to capture his own furry tail.

This kitten is surely more adventurous than Indiana Jones. He causes a lot of excitement as he approaches various objects around the home that hold their own mystery. This adorable little kitten is very sweet, cute, and full of spunk. Please share this adorable video on Facebook.


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