Kitten Narrowly Escapes Death Time And Time Again On Russian Freeway


When you see this video footage, you will not be able to believe your eyes. The kitten in this video is truly lucky to be alive! Somehow, he got stuck in the middle of a Russian freeway with buses and cars zooming past and over him at high speeds. Two times, a bus goes completely over the top of him, yet he is not harmed in any way. Each time a vehicle passes, you will feel like you are about to see this little guy get killed.

They say cats have nine lives but this little guy did not even have to lose one of them! He stands his ground in the middle of the freeway until a good samaritan comes along, scoops him up, and takes him to safety. Thankfully, this sweet little kitten was not harmed in any way. After you have watched this amazing video rescue, Please SHARE on Facebook.