Kitty and Dog are Reunited After a Long Ten Days Apart- A Must See!


They say cats and dogs do not get along, but this video proves that statement can be wrong. When this kitty and dog pair are separated, the love in their hearts for one another stays true. When kitty sees his dog friend return, he covers him in kisses and hugs, proving cats have much more heart than most people give them credit for.

This video shows not all cat and dog relationships are marred with incessant battles. When you see the true love this cat has for his dog friend, it will make your heart swell ten times larger. With each hug and kiss, the cat shows his dog friend that he has truly been missed.

This is one of those videos that animal lovers will enjoy watching again and again. Make sure to SHARE it on Facebook so you can prove to your friends that dogs and cats can get along.


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