This Kitty Just Wants To Help Out With The Christmas Tree Decorations!


When you see this video, you are going to want to laugh! This little guy is so adorable and it is amazing to watch him playing with the Christmas ball on the tree. He has worked hard to climb the tree and is so funny to see. As he taps the Christmas ball and chews on the tree, it will surely make you smile. This little guy is so fun to watch!

What is it about Christmas trees that just bring out the worst in cats? They tear them apart and destroy them, yet we still put them up year after year. Seeing this cat in the middle of the tree is sure to bring a huge smile to your face. It might not be so funny if it was not your cat! This kitty is clearly excited about the tree and just wants to help with the decorations! He might aggravate his owner, but you will find him entirely adorable! Check out the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.