A Knock on the Door From David Beckham Changes a Family’s Life


When most people answer the door, they certainly aren’t expecting any sort of visit from David Beckham, but that is exactly what this particular family received. Their joy and shock is evident, but even they probably didn’t know exactly what was in store for them or what they were going to be offered. Naturally, for a lot of people, just getting a knock on the door from David Beckham would be more than enough of a surprise. In this case, that knock on the door was just a prelude to additional surprises.

The family in the video went on to receive seven brand new iPhones, in addition to a prepaid plan that would last them for a decade. However, the real prize was their cash reward of one hundred thousand dollars. Many people on Facebook would watch this video over and over again for the sheer wish fulfillment factor that it offers.