Koko Meets And Falls In Love With Her New Baby Kittens


Koko is the perfect description of a humble giant. The big gorilla is very calm, collected and her love for babies is definitely one of her biggest weaknesses. Baby gorillas don’t come around easily, especially not for Koko who is not out there in the wild mating and bearing babies that she loves. At her home, she gets introduced to babies from a completely different species from hers; baby kittens.

icks the kitten up and gently embraces it in her big arm and hairy chest. At the same time another black kitten immediately falls in love with Koko and climbs out of the box to join her.

The three are now one big happy family despite their obvious differences. With koko’s intelligence they easily get along as she can signal anything she wants to the lady who understands her sign language just fine.
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