Ksenia Parkhatskaya Beautifully Performs 20s Flapper Charleston Dance Before Judges


This show is similar to So You Think You Can Dance which has had fans all over the world getting up and dancing. This version is filmed in the Ukraine and has had many talented dancers thus far. When Ksenia Parkhatskaya steps on the stage in this video, she immediately has the judges eating out of the palm of her hand! When you see her unique dance style, you will be taken back to yesteryear, when the music was soulful and times were much simpler.

When you watch this video, you will find yourself grinning from ear to ear, no matter what kind of day you might be having! This young lady has such energy and charisma and her moves are simply mesmerizing to watch. She even has a beautiful voice with her sultry, yet angelic, tones. Check out Ksenia’s performance and then Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone around the world can witness her amazing talent!

Ksenia Parkhatskaya