This Lady From Hong Kong Goes Bezerk Over Her Dead Phone Battery


There are many things that may make a woman freak out, but this lady from Hong kong is taking things too far. The video is actually very hilarious or sad depending on which angle you look it at, but it is just pure madness. The lady is on a train, when she suddenly goes berserk and starts screaming and crying, just because her phone battery died. At first you may think that she is being robbed or something of a greater magnitude to justify her hysterical behavior.
It gets even crazier as she starts stamping her feet in similar fashion to what a child does when she wants candy at the store, but her parent won’t let her. She yells loudly as she mumbles some words in her native language and people are staring at her in disbelief. At some point, one of her shoes come off and she even drops her purse as she goes psycho about her dead battery. It’s just crazy to watch, you may feel sorry for her.
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