Lady Walks Three Miles to Save an Abandoned Dog Who Had Been Tied to a Pole


Imagine coming upon a scene where you see a poor dog has been tied to a light pole with a sign that says: My name is Joey. I need a home. Please help me. Most people cannot imagine someone tying a dog to a pole and leaving them there but Joey’s former owner did just that! As you watch this video, you will hear about Lisa’s story and the hard work she put into helping Joey.

When Lisa was finally able to get ahold of Joey’s leash, she knew she had to do something to help. She tried to call everyone she could think of but no one could help. She finally decided she had no choice but to walk three miles to the nearest animal shelter so she could get Joey the help he needed. Thankfully, Joey was found a wonderful home but the story does not end there. Lisa was in a for a happy ending of her own. Watch the video to find out how she was rewarded for her good deed and then Please SHARE on Facebook for others!