Lasqueti – The Island Forgotten by the World


Join reported Carolyn Jarvis as she visits Lasqueti, a unique island community only an hour off the coast of Vancouver but different beyond your wildest imagination. Completely independent of the grid that encompasses the vast majority of modern human life, the citizens of Lasqueti survive off the land, working hard to live in complete independence and freedom.

Some of the spectacularly surprising characters include Jerry, who grows all of his own food and makes a trek through the woods whenever he wants to take a shower, Al Gainsbower, an 83 year old engineer who has lived alone on the island for more than thirty years, and Teke, a Saint Bernard breeder who raises over 40 of dogs and two children with the help of her husband – to name a few.

Regardless of their reasons for coming to the island – to escape the pressures of modern life, to reduce their impact on the environment, or just because they were raised there – all of the residents prove that it’s possible to live completely content on the products of your own labor and outside of popular society.

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