The Late Great Leonard Cohen Performs His Iconic Hit “Hallelujah”


Leonard Cohen was 78 when he performed his iconic hit, “Hallelujah.” Since his recent passing, many fans have adopted this song as their anthem cry because they miss his supreme talent so much. Although he was a consummate performer, he will always be known for his special hit that has been covered many times, by many artists and musical acts. Although this video snippet is short, it clearly outlines his talent.

If you are a Leonard Cohen fan or even if you have never had the privilege of enjoying his music, this is the perfect video for you to watch. He had such a strong stage presence that captivated his audience and made them beg for more. Watching him in his full element will bring tears to your eyes. This man deserves to be fully honored and remembered for his beautiful talent. Watch and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook right away.