When Lauren saw a Little Mermaid


Lauren was born at only 27 weeks Born at only 27 weeks and weighing just over 2 pounds, Lauren has had it tough right from the start. She spent the first year of her life in a hospital and only returned afterwards.

She has survived the illness she had and has bravely led as normal a life as a normal individual can be. She has always had one wish which she wanted fulfilled desperately. That wish was to meet a mermaid.

Watch how a charity in the UK makes it possible for this girl to meet a mermaid. Is the mermaid real? And how does she react when she sees it? You would be surprised at the depiction of the mermaid and what it can mean for someone.

Today, she spends a lot of her time in the hospital due to the recurring severity of her disease. If you know such children or organizations which legitimately help ill children, don’t wait to donate. Remember to care about others and give to the underprivileged whatever they can afford. Please SHARE this on Facebook and spread the love!

Mermaid Linden