Layered Spagetti Is The Perfect Inexpensive Dinner For Feeding A Big Family


When you only have $15 and need to cook a big meal that will feed four to six people and fill them up. This baked spaghetti dish is absolutely delicious and is a meal you will find yourself making on a regular basis because it is so inexpensive and easy to make. Once you see the ooey gooey finished dish, you will wish you could dig right in and enjoy it. Make sure you watch the entire video so you will know how to make this recipe.

This is a recipe that people of all ages will enjoy. Even picky eaters will find this dish is too delicious to say no to! With the layers of meat sauce, noodles and cheese, this all melts together beautifully. This inexpensive recipe is very easy to throw together and can even be made the night before. Watch and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.