Lazy Dog Rides the Stairlift to Go Up and Down the Stairs


This just might be the cutest and laziest video you have ever seen! This lazy dog does not feel like taking the stairs so he jumps in his custom stairlift and rides in style, never having to work up a sweat. He is so adorable as he jumps into his London bus and pushes the button so he can glide down the stairs. The look on his face as he is riding is absolutely priceless!

This pooch clearly has doting human parents that would do anything for him, even make an expensive stairlift just for him! Whether he has joint problems or is simply a lazy pup, you will have to be the judge. No matter the reason, him riding in his lift is just too adorable! What an amazing life this cutie must have. If you think this is an amazing contraption, Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy watching the video and smile.

Pia Hjelmsø