Learn How To Create A Beautiful Mirror Glaze On Any Layer Cake


If you have seen the latest craze in mirror glazed cakes, you likely wondered how they were created. When you watch this video, you will see precisely how these cakes are made and watch the magic unfold as the mirror glaze is poured on top. This makes one of the most beautiful presentations you have ever seen! The glassy finish looks so perfect, you will hate to even eat the cake because it is truly so beautiful.

This video presentation will give you a good idea of how to create this beautiful and unique look. The key is having your cake perfectly smooth and chilled. You will need to raise the cake up on a tier holder so you can pour the glassy finish on top. As you will see in the video, you can then smooth the finish to create a beautiful marble effect. Check out this beautiful cake look and Please SHARE on Facebook.

Галина Артеменко